Taking Care of (Bathroom) Business

Posted on Apr 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Right now we have an epidemic of Transgender Bathroom Panic sweeping the US. Conservative politicians are using a debate over where trans people pee as one of their main campaigning points this election season.

From “religious freedom” laws that would allow discrimination against LGBT people based on deeply held (evangelical Christian) beliefs to laws taking direct aim at transgender people and/or students by defining bathroom policy based on sex assigned at birth or non-existent chromosome testing, governments across the nation are suddenly obsessed with genitals.

Public corporations are trying to take a stand on their own. Most of those have been in favor of the LGBT community and many have placed signs on their restrooms doors that allow people to use the restroom they feel most comfortable and safe in.

Still, many people are buying into the idea that trans people are dangerous, or at the very least, allowing them to use the restroom that matches their gender identity will somehow invite non-trans (cis) people to start freely terrorizing women and children in public (public…yet somehow private) restrooms.

To help lessen their fears and show them that trans people can and do use restrooms all the time without anyone blinking an eye, I have made some cards that can be left at the restroom sink.

The are business cards for when you do your business!

Feel free to download and print them out. There is a file with bleeds and without, so you can use the on your printer at home or use an online printing company.


Download print file with bleeds

Download print file with no bleeds

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