Trans-Parenting Podcast Episode 5: Pediatric support confusion

Posted on Mar 19, 2016 | 0 comments

There’s an article making the rounds that appears to say pediatricians believe supporting trans youth amounts to child abuse. But who are these pediatricians exactly?

They are a group called the American College of Pediatricians. Ok, sounds good. But…

They are NOT the American Academy of Pediatrics, which is the organization people seem to think they are.

Don’t be taken in by the name. The confusion is on purpose and meant to make parents think that they should not support their trans youth.

But in this podcast, we are going to dig deeper into who each organization is and go through the ACP’s statement point by point.



Position Statement (with ZERO documentation about those positions) from the American College of Pediatrics

Investigative article about the ACP that cites membership numbers and their practice of citing research about LGBT youth that is 100% contradictory to their own statements

American College of Pediatricians ( less than 200 members ) About Us page

American Academy of Pediatrics ( more than 64,000 members ) About Us page

American Academy of Pediatrics Position Statement the care of LGBT youth


Point by Point information…

  1. XX and XY chromosomes don’t tell the whole story
  2. biological nature of gender identity
  3. Gender Dysphoria is not a mental illness
  4. Puberty blockers do not treat puberty as a disease and are safe
  5. Desistance rates quoted by the ACP were from studies that did not separate gender non-conforming behavior from Gender Dysphoria, while actual studies of trans children show they are as consistent in knowing their identity as non-trans youth, and lack of acceptance leads to increased suicide risk
  6. Hormone replacement therapy risks mentioned by ACP are based on forms and amounts of hormones used decades ago, not current treatment and findings by the largest study to date
  7. The study cited by the ACP about suicides post-surgery shows the exact opposite of the ACP’s claims, and other studies show that discrimination and rejection from society are what drive people to suicide
  8. Studies have proven that family support of a trans child’s identity leads to improved mental health and lowers the risk of depression and anxiety to normal levels. That’s hardly abuse.


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