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The top priority for many parents is ensuring their child treated fairly by a school during and after a transition. Too many schools have never encountered a transgender student and still do not have a policy in place to handle the questions and concerns that students and staff alike will have. Print out these resources to share with your school and call Trans-Parenting or one of the other organizations listed to schedule school training sessions.


The Experience of Gender Nonconforming Students


Discussing Gender with Kids – Questions and Concerns


Educational Policy


Student Athletes


Legal Rulings

Both Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment have been cited in rulings affirming transgender students’ equal right to access public accommodations, including restrooms and locker rooms in schools.

Additionally, cases filed on behalf of cisgender students opposed to school districts policies permitting transgender students to use facilities consistent with their gender identity have been found to not have a viable claims under Title IX.