Trans-Parenting Podcast Episode 8: Q&A session

Posted on Sep 7, 2016 | 1 comment

In this episode, I answer questions I received during a Q&A session on Facebook, with additional questions from private messages and Twitter. Here’s the rundown:

4:40   How old are you?

5:01   How tall are you?

5:38    What do we do in places like North Carolina when we send our kids to school and don’t know if the school will support our child?

10:40   My daughter just started school yesterday and she is having problems with the other kids that she has known awhile who are now shunning her not respecting her choice of a gender neutral name. Her teacher has been of no help. What should we do?

12:53   How would you deal with long time friends becoming distant just because you chose a gender neutral name?

15:15   How do you think the the recent issues with religious liberty — post-Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling — are going to affect how schools and businesses handle trans people?

17:08   How do we get dad’s more involved? Almost all the groups I am a part of are majority women/moms.

19:16   Would you speak to the benefits of attending trans-related conferences/symposiums?

21:21   I have just made a new friend who is Christian who accepts me. How can I get other Christians to acknowledge me and love me for who I am? I seek to show love to them as much as possible, but they generally don’t return it. How can I show them it’s not an “Evil Lifestyle”?

25:15   Talk about why to use puberty blockers is important and how starting these gives a child more time to deal with their sexuality and their gender?!?

Be sure to leave your questions in the comments, and they may be featured on the next Q&A session.


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1 Comment

  1. Hi Debi,

    I’ve seen you around a couple of the secret groups on FB that we are both members of. As a dad, I think you hit the nail on the head, and I would like to believe most dad’s if not on board, get on board. To that end I thought I’d share a blog I restarted where I write from the perspective of a dad. My son has not socially transitioned yet, but turns 7 next week and also starts therapy. Living in Georgia means we have to get things in place for a social transition, but we’re getting there and as you are aware, our kids are amazingly patient with us. Anways, you may have seen this on the one FB group page, but here is a link to my blog if people are interested.
    I write about what is going on with us, and anything else that I think would be of interest to parents, and those seeking to understand our families and kids…all from the perspective of a dad. The blog is still anonymous because my wife is not ready to be outed, and I feel like my son, or maybe by the time it happens, my daughter should a say in how identities are made real. If you’d like I can hit you up on FB, my identity is clear in the group we have mutual friends. Keep doing what you do…the bar moves forward everyday…even if just a little.

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